pl. ra.di.i, ra.di.us.es
1 ((縮)) R., r., rad.『數學』
a. 圓的半徑
b. 球的半徑
c. 正多邊形頂點與中心相連
d. 半徑的長度
2 半徑範圍
every family within a radius of 25 miles of the city center每個家庭都座落於離市中心25哩範圍中
3 活動或影響的範圍
the operating radius of a helicopter 直升機的操作範圍
4 輻射狀; 放射狀物(機械的輪軸或車輪的輻條)
a. 橈骨
b. 徑骨

n plural radii /-dia[hA366]/ [C]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: 'ray, radius']

1 the distance from the centre to the edge of a circle, or a line drawn from the centre to the edge: diameter

2 an area that covers a particular distance in all directions from a central point: --The shock of the explosion was felt over a radius of forty miles.
within a 10-mile/200-metre etc radius
--There are more than a dozen golf courses within a 15-mile radius of St Andrews.

3 technical the outer bone of the lower part of your ar
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